ProxyMaid is an upcoming open source proxy scraper and proxy checker.



You may download ProxyMaid from .

Requires Microsoft Windows Vista or later.


  • Download, install and run ProxyMaid
  • After you have launched ProxyMaid, click on the button that sees “start” to start gathering proxies
  • After a while working proxy servers will start to appear in the proxy server tab. You can also get a list by clicking on the “open outfile in notepad” button on the out tab or go to Edit->Report to get a status report.

Tip: View the log tab to see what ProxyMaid is doing at any given moment.

Proxy list

Out of the box ProxyMaid will scrape all sites listed here. You may also add your own list at Edit->Add proxy source (however not that thus are not saved between session, so you will have to add them again the next time you run ProxyMaid).

Anonymity levels

ProxyMaid automatically categories the proxies it find in three different levels, based on the level of anonymity the proxy offer.

  • High: are the elite proxies that hide your real ip address and do not insert any revealing headers
  • Low: are proxies that do hide your real ip address, but add header fields that may reveal that you are using a proxy. Most websites will not do any test for this, but some might
  • None: are proxies that reveal your real ip address

Source code

The source code is available on GitHub. Push requests are most welcome 🙂